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Miskawaan Health Group was founded by Dr. Johannes Wessolly, and Entrepreneur Mr David Boehm

About Miskawaan Health Group

Dr. Wessolly has been practising medicine in Germany for 20+ years when he met David in the mid 2000’s as a client. David soon began to see the benefits of Dr. Wessolly’s therapies. After a few years of being so impressed with his own health outcomes under Dr. Wessolly’s guidance, David was convinced that people in Asia and the world over would line up to be treated by him for their health longevity.

One day David asked Dr. Wessolly what would happen to all his knowledge once he retires? It was at this point, Dr. Wessolly realised he had never considered this. He was so focused on treating his clients he had never considered it. David was convinced it would be a loss to the world to lose his medical knowledge, so together they saw a way forward where future clients by opening a business that focused on treating people’s health using Dr. Wessolly knowledge and treatments. In 2017, Miskawaan Health was born and their goal to bring the Dr. Wessolly therapies to Asia, focusing on the practise of functional medicine came to fruition.

A relatively new term that is sometimes used synonymously with alternative medicine, functional medicine describes our philosophy of whole-body health where we examine the complexity of the body through alternate interpretations of diagnostic data and customize health treatments for each client.

Why is functional medicine the future of healthcare?

  1. Traditional medicine is structured to managed symptoms. Functional medicine addresses the root causes.

    Functional medicine doctors will ask why a person is sick and try to understand if there are underlying dysfunctions causing a condition instead of simply masking its symptoms.

  2. Personalised health treatment plans.

    Understanding that every person is genetically, and biochemically unique, functional medicine doctors believe that the traditional one size fits all approach of prescribing the same medications to everyone often produces unsatisfactory health outcomes. Instead, a personalised health treatment plan is created taking into consideration a client’s genetic, biochemical, environmental and lifestyle factors targeting the specific manifestations of disease in each individual.

  3. Functional medicine interprets lab results differently.

    Rather than using guidelines determined by the standard care model to diagnose a client, functional medicine uses lab results to derive insights as to why a client is not at optimal health.

  4. Functional medicine has more extensive testing.

    Functional medicine doctors run more extensive lab tests by looking at the full scope of a client’s physiology. A standard lab test may be sufficient if a doctor is looking to prescribe medication, however, to look at underlying deficiencies, imbalances, infections and dysfunctions, more comprehensive lab tests are needed.

  5. More one on one time with clients.

    At Miskawaan we spend a minimum of 60 minutes for each initial consultation. Our doctors spend time to listen to client’s histories and look for interactions among genetic, environmental, hormonal and lifestyle factors that can influence chronic inflammation and long-term health.

  6. Natural treatments.

    Functional medicine practitioners believe in the healing mechanisms of the body and that natural treatments help the body heal. Chemical drugs have inherent side effects that are not adequately addressed by traditional doctors.

We focus on treatments and therapies that fall into four categories of healthcare and health management. They are:

  • Prevention
  • Intervention
  • Rehabilitation
  • Performance

The Miskawaan healing philosophy is to prevent the causes of the disease, ailment or affliction in the first instance, through regular prevention therapies, much like preventative maintenance with your car. In the case where you are sick, our intervention goal is to treat the cause, and get you well again; not just treat the diseases symptoms or mask over them with drug treatments. Once we have halted the progression of the disease, we turn our attention to sustainable rehabilitation and ultimately realizing the high performance potential in all of us.

Our first goal is to understand the condition you uniquely have through our sophisticated diagnostic tools and expert medical team analysis and interpretation. Even if you aren’t sick, these tests help us establish a baseline understanding of your health to measure future progress against. If intervention treatments are required, it is only through a thorough understanding of you, that we can design a unique solution tailored to your specific health condition and needs.

Once we understand your health, we develop a unique treatment plan.

The 3 steps to better apply regardless of what you are looking for. If you aren’t sick and are seeking prevention or performance therapies, we will seek to understand your weaknesses and strengthen you, so you perform better and don’t become unwell. This will be done through a combination of various therapies and treatments. 

If you are unwell, and require intervention therapy, the 3 steps would have the following objectives:


    By understanding the unique profile of your health, and through our leading-edge diagnostics tools, we aim to know exactly what medicines that are required to stop the progression of the disease.


    We will use a variety of natural based therapies, peptide therapies, stem cell therapies and immunotherapies (amongst others) with a proven track record of success, that target and reduce the effects of your disease without doing any damage to healthy cells. This means more effective treatment with little to no side effects.


    Our final treatment goal involves long-term health management and lifestyle changes. Without a long-term plan, there is a high chance that the disease could return. We want to prevent that. This stage of the treatment involves education about lifestyle and the continuum of care that we offer to monitor and keep you progressing towards optimal health.

What began as a sincere effort in the early 20th century in the West to develop medical standards based on sound science, has morphed into what some would say is a rigid system, overly bureaucratic, and deeply influenced and financed by the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. It has become a one size fits all approach to medicine effecting the ability to treat people individually, and to really make positive lasting change to someone’s health.

To illustrate, “One of the problems with modern medicine is that it’s so standardized,” said David Boehm, CEO and founder of Miskawaan. “You’re a doctor and you prescribe the conventional chemical drugs for an ailment. The “Doctor’s handbook” says, ‘Give XYZ drug twice a day to a person with HJK symptoms.’ It’s the same for everybody. But if that person dies, the doctor says ‘Well, it’s not my fault. That’s what the “book” told me to do.’” 

We believe such a system encourages doctors and industry to focus on treating illnesses and relieving symptoms instead of attacking the root causes of diseases or preventing them all together. Afterall a sick person who needs constant treatment is a repeat customer. At MHG we are trying to change that and offer people the option to actually engage in real healthcare – to prevent sickness in the first place, or treat it so to minimise its lifestyle effects and actually cure it.

The standardised model of healthcare we have come to know should really be called “disease care”, or “sick care”. Hospitals don’t treat the healthy or help them stay healthy. We have seen that people do want the option to have treatments and health maintenance programs to keep them healthy, young, living with vitality, and out of the hospital. We offer these programs and continue to develop and offer them. We offer personalised individualised medicine and treatments.

We know we aren’t for everyone, but for those who value their health, and are serious about maintaining it and having a good life, we hope to become the health provider of choice.

Serious health reform can only come at the Governmental level, but we hope that people will vote with their wallets, and embrace true healthcare with us, and send a strong message to industry and governments that people want true healthcare to enrich their lives.

Dr. Johannes Wessolly and David Boehm invented the Miskawaan Way to reset the relationship between doctor and client.

Clients who visit our clinics in Asia or Europe first participate in extensive, thoughtful consultations with physicians about things like physical environment, work, family history, and nutrition. The idea is to focus less on any one symptom but rather help Miskawaan gain a more systematic understanding of factors that can influence a client’s health.

MHG Medical staff then perform extensive tests, including genetic tests, that measure everything from food intolerances and stem cell reserves to cancer risk and the presence of heavy metals in the blood and tissues.

The next step is for the client to receive a series of individualised therapies, and/or infusions of natural supplements, minerals, and proteins designed to boost energy levels, increase brain functions, and prevent sickness.

Dr. Wessolly’s proprietary infusions were developed as an alternative to prescribing chemical drugs – that only treat symptoms and often cause harmful side effects – and these will be personalised in a client’s treatment protocol. Dr. Wessolly strongly believes in strengthening, balancing and stabilising the body’s natural defences and immunity by treating white blood cells and gut bacteria, to allow the body to effectively deal with pathogens such as viruses, and bacteria.

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