Miskawaan Integrative Cancer Care

Every client receives customized care

A visit to MICC includes personalized treatment and supporting therapies over the period of your stay.

It involves doctor consultations, screenings, treatments, and therapies at our state-of-the-art clinic in Central Thailand. In addition it also includes wellness specialists for your restorative treatments at our beachfront clinic on the relaxing Koh Samui island.

MICC is part of the renowned Miskawaan Health Group

Miskawaan Integrated Cancer Care (MICC) is a part of the Miskawaan Health Group (MHG), a global company dedicated to the advancement and practice of functional medicine.

MICC takes the principles and practices of MHG and applies them in new and innovative ways to treat cancer. The foremost example of this is our approach to holistic, whole-body healing, which includes targeted cancer treatments to attack your tumors plus supplemental therapies that get you back to feeling healthy.


The Miskawaan Way

“The most effective cancer treatments target the tumor without damaging the rest of the body.”

This quotation is at the heart of how MICC treats clients, and it is derived from how MHG practices medicine. It summarizes Miskawaan’s belief that disease must be targeted precisely and oncological care must be personalized, with treatments that take direct aim at your cancerous cells and recovery plans that return your mind and immune system to optimal health. It is the Miskawaan way.

Medical Advisory Board

Highly experienced, highly regarded professionals advise and direct Miskawaan’s global medical team on the latest innovations in functional medicine and cancer treatment.


Dr. Johannes Wessolly

MHG’s founder and Medical Director sets the tone with his famous statement: “The most effective cancer treatments target the tumor without damaging the rest of the body.”

Dr. Ross Walker

Dr. Ross Walker

One of Australia’s most esteemed cardiologists, Dr. Walker has been at the forefront of stress echocardiography since 1992 and introduced coronary calcium scoring in 1999.

Dr. Charlie Teo

Dr. Charlie Teo

Dr. Teo is the Director of the Center for Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, and recently named the world’s finest brain surgeon.

Meet Our Founders


Mr. David Boehm

David’s first-hand experience with holistic diagnostics and preventative care inspired him to partner with Dr. Wessolly. He now enjoys a much healthier, more energetic lifestyle, which is critical for his demanding career in international business.


Dr. Johannes Wessolly

With over 30 years of experience in diagnostics and clinical treatments, Dr. Wessolly has become an expert in developing individualized cancer treatments and recovery plans that are focused on comprehensive, whole-body recovery for his clients.

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