Miskawaan Integrative Cancer Care

Cancer-Focused Therapies

We target your tumors with natural therapies based on your diagnostic results, not simply empirical data and standard models of care.

Your cancer-focused therapies will be personalized and comprehensive


Our programs are customized for each and every client, so you and your MICC doctors will work from a personalized plan to defeat your foe; and our treatments are integrated, so you will be on offense against your tumors and on defense to protect and strengthen the rest of your body.

When you and our team of medical experts execute your plan, you will do it with an array of acutely cancer-focused therapies that have been optimized to correspond to your precise diagnosis.

Herbal Medicine

Our brand of integrated oncology incorporates numerous natural remedies. Like biotherapy and ozone therapy, herbal therapy is a proven method for helping to lessen cancer symptoms, relieve side effects from conventional therapies, and boost your body’s innate healing abilities.
  • Reduces pain, nausea, and fatigue
  • Elevates immune-system response
  • Impedes metastasis in some cancers

Biological Treatment

Biological treatment, or biotherapy, uses natural living organisms to fight cancer on three fronts. It can attack specific types of cancerous cells, reduce side effects from tumor-destroying therapies, and stimulate a more powerful immune system response against cancer cells.
  • Disrupts cancer cells’ creation & growth
  • Enhances ability to repair damaged cells
  • Prevents cancerous cells from spreading

Metabolic Treatment

Also known as cell metabolic therapy, this treatment reduces tumors’ ability to resist treatments and cancerous cells’ capacity to replicate. Methods include hyperbaric oxygen therapy, alkalizing therapy, ketogenic diet, and substances like dichloroacetic acid and sodium selenite.
  • Disrupts cancer cells’ creation & growth
  • Reduces chronic inflammation and pain
  • Prevents cancerous cells from spreading

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy helps treat many diseases including cancer, and is different from breathing pure oxygen in that it is “activated”. Your blood will be drawn, infused with activated ozone gas (O3 not O2), and reinjected to increase the amount of oxygen in your blood, without drugs.
  • Reduces fatigue from other treatments
  • Increases the body’s self-healing ability
  • Improves blood flow and oxygen delivery


Hyperthermia, or thermal therapy, involves exposing to high temperatures the body tissue where your tumors are situated. It can “prep” cancerous cells so that herbal medicine and metabolic treatments are enhanced, and it has been shown to reduce the size of cancerous tumors.
  • Can be local or whole-body therapy
  • Makes cells susceptible to treatment
  • Kills cells outright (Thermal Ablation)

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