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Your stay at one of our clinics will be based on a personalized plan that employs functional medicine and immunotherapies from elite partnerships within Germany.

Miskawaan Integrative Cancer Care were founded on the idea that improving overall health is the key to improving the outcomes of traditional treatments. We set you up to be as strong and energetic as possible for your fight against cancer.

Your individualized plan will focus on reducing the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery while also building up your immune system with conventional and alternative therapies. Beyond opportunities to overcome a current or pre-existing diagnosis, we help you make improvements to your health that have lifelong benefits.


Miskawaan Integrative Cancer Care Clinics

Bangkok, Thailand

International medical tourists who choose this location work with Miskawaan cancer experts to create a plan and begin cancer treatments that will continue on as patients transition to our rehabilitation facility.

Bangkok City, Thailand

Located in the heart of the city, patients who choose this convenient location receive world-class care. Our team of international specialists use advanced diagnostic tools and therapies to work toward targeted treatment goals.

Koh Samui, Thailand

This island-based wellness center and its beachfront villas were built for rejuvenation. Here patients maintain their existing program while reinforcing it with alternative treatments that ensure they return home with a strong body and mind.

Medical Tourism in Thailand

Traveling abroad for medical care was common long before cheap international flights and reduced communication barriers made medical tourism easy and affordable. But over time, some countries have taken it a step further by actively promoting and nurturing this trend.

Thailand is perhaps the best example of how medical tourism can be a win-win situation. Tourists enjoy faster, cheaper, and more advanced care than they would receive at home, while the local economy benefits from inflows of foreign money (which is often reinvested to further develop the industry).

Facts & Figures

Medical Tourism
Industry Ranking

International visitors
to Thailand in 2019

Expenditures by international
patients in private hospitals

Medical tourism annual
growth rate

Why is Medical Tourism Thriving in Thailand?  

  • Thailand is well-positioned to be the medical hub of Asia.
  • The government’s “Thailand 4.0” economic model includes Medical Hub as one of 10 strategic growth engines.
  • Success is boosted by interest from both Asian and Western countries.

Increasing costs of healthcare and the expansion of the middle class in many low- and middle-income countries have significantly boosted medical tourism in Thailand.

The government has promised to promote medical tourism in the wake of COVID-19 and already took the first step by opening its borders to medical tourists in July 2020.

Medical Tourism Visas  

Medical tourists coming to Thailand were one of the first groups allowed to enter the country after the borders were closed in April 2020. A medical tourist visa allows patients to be accompanied by up to three caregivers. 

In the midst of geopolitical tensions between China, the US, and others, Thailand welcomes travelers from all over the globe.

Key Factors That Attract Foreigners to Thailand for Medical Services  

  1. Affordability

  2. High-quality healthcare provided by internationally accredited hospitals and specialized doctors

  3. Timely and immediate access to health services

  4. Patient privacy

  5. Virtual healthcare consultations and follow-ups

  6. Gorgeous travel opportunities in the ‘Land of Smiles’

  7. Access to advanced treatment options for affluent patients

The Miskawaan Way  

Our history and reputation in Thailand allow us to expedite visa applications and minimize restrictive requirements that foreign travelers normally face upon arrival.

By combining the medical expertise of local doctors with that of international specialists like Dr. Johannes Wessolly, our clinics provide unique care that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Effective, affordable, and luxurious cancer treatments

Each of our clinics offers world-renowned care. If you’d like a personalized plan administered by medical experts in a beautiful country, take the first step today.

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