Miskawaan Integrative Cancer Care

Your personalized treatment program will have four facets

Our integrated approach to cancer care targets tumors first, then rejuvenates body, mind, and spirit.

Four facets of MICC integrated cancer treatment

The first is targeted at your cancerous cells and consists of therapies that go beyond chemotherapy and radiation; the second, third, and fourth repair your immune system, cleanse your blood of toxins, and revive your physical & mental self.
Each individual facet will be customized for your precise diagnosis, and when they’re combined they will combat your cancer holistically and give you strength to make a complete recovery.


Targeting, repairing, cleansing, reviving


Cancer-Focused Therapies

We target your tumors with natural therapies based on your diagnostic results, not simply empirical data and standard models of care.
Immune Therapies

Immune Therapies

If your immune system has been damaged by chemotherapy, it must be repaired; if not, it can be strengthened to fight your cancer harder.
Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine

Reviving your well being is the final phase of a holistic program, which can include a stay in our Koh Samui Island beachfront retreat


Detoxifying Protocols

Cleansing your blood and tissue of toxins and impurities is a critical aspect of achieving whole-body health during and after treatment.

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