Biological therapy, also known as immunotherapy, biological response modifier therapy, or biotherapy, revolves around treatments that amplify our body’s natural immune system resilience against infections and diseases. This holistic approach harnesses a suite of substances called biological response modifiers (BRMs). These compounds, naturally produced by the human body in small quantities, serve as defense mechanisms against bacteria and viruses. Thanks to modern scientific advancements, BRMs can now be synthesized in significant quantities to treat not only cancer but also various other ailments.



The foundation of biological treatment rests on enhancing the immune system’s combat readiness against cancer cells. Some biologic drugs stimulate or initiate an immune response, while others involve isolating a patient’s immune cells, “training” them in a lab, and reinfusing them into the patient’s body to target cancer cells effectively.

Moreover, biological therapy can manipulate cell signals to make cancer more detectable, boosting the immune system’s vigilance. At Miskawaan, we’ve witnessed patients benefit from lab-created drugs that counter deceptive signals emitted by cancer cells, empowering the immune system to identify and eliminate malignant growths.


Biological therapy offers an array of approaches to cancer treatment, including:

Nonspecific Immunomodulating Agents

  • These agents stimulate or temper the immune system more generally, affecting antibody production to combat cancer, infections, and other conditions. Notable options include Interferons (IFNs), aiding resistance against viruses and cancers, and Interleukins (ILs), facilitating immune communication and triggering responses.

Colony-stimulating Factors (CSFs)

  • CSFs are lab-made substances that stimulate bone marrow stem cells to enhance blood cell production, helping cancer patients cope with reduced blood cell counts due to treatments and allowing them to tolerate chemotherapy.

Monoclonal Antibodies

  • Lab-synthesized proteins mimicking natural antibodies, targeting antigens or abnormal proteins on cancer cell surfaces. These “targeted therapies” aim to interrupt cancer cell growth and survival processes.

Treatment Vaccines

  • Cancer treatment vaccines train the immune system to identify and combat cancer-specific antigens, ultimately dismantling cancer cells housing these antigens. Vaccines are typically made from antigens found in the cancer cells of people with a specific type of cancer. Alternatively, they can be made from a patient’s own tumor cells. Essentially, a tailor-made cancer vaccine teaches a patient’s immune system how to deal with the unique variation of cancer within their own body.


Biological therapy’s impact on individuals varies based on medical factors, diagnosis, and treatment type. Side effects can range from none or minimal, to mild to severe. Tailored medical solutions and expert guidance significantly contribute to managing these effects.

At Miskawaan, we stand as advocates of personalized medicine, crafting each cancer treatment plan meticulously to optimize outcomes with minimal side effects. Your journey with us towards healing will be nurtured by our professional expertise and empathetic care.

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