Ozone therapy, a rising star in the realm of cancer treatment, involves infusing a patient’s body with oxygen, known as trioxygen or ozone (O3). This dynamic therapy serves to suppress cancer cell growth while simultaneously bolstering immune functions. A harmonious partner to more rigorous cancer treatments, ozone therapy offers a distinctive pathway to healing.


Ozone therapy entails blending a patient’s blood with trioxygen, also known as ozone or O3, followed by recirculating the revitalized blood throughout the body. Typically administered across several half-hour sessions, this treatment occurs while the patient is comfortably seated or lying down.

Studies reveal that controlled oxidative stress, induced through ozone therapy, prompts the production of antioxidative enzymes that shield cells from inflammation and cancer-related symptoms. Considering cancer cells thrive in low-oxygen environments, elevating oxygen levels near these growths can catalyze targeted cell death. This is precisely the goal pursued by Miskawaan’s in-clinic ozone therapy.


Ozone therapy can be administered in a number of ways or methods, each catering to individual needs and cancer types:

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  1. Autohemotransfusion: A widely embraced technique involves extracting blood, infusing it with ozone, and reintroducing it into the bloodstream.
  2. Gas Bathing: Patients inhale ozone gas in a controlled chamber, enhancing oxygen intake.
  3. Insufflation: Specialized equipment delivers ozone gas to body cavities, an option for those seeking gentler approaches.
  4. Direct Injection: In specific cases, ozone can be directly injected into affected areas, albeit in limited scenarios.


Ozone therapy has exhibited remarkable potential in alleviating various cancer-related symptoms:

  1. Ozone therapy is highly potent against lesions caused by the human papillomavirus HPV16 (the most common cause of cervical cancer).
  2. The treatment reduces fatigue during traditional cancer treatments and in a palliative setting.
  3. When combined with certain pharmaceuticals, ozone therapy improves colon cancer management by suppressing cytokines, a group of proteins responsible for the growth, survival, and chemoresistance of colon cancer cells.
  4. Ozone therapy for cancer as a complement to chemotherapy minimizes the prevalence of vomiting, nausea, fatigue, hair loss, buccal ulcers, and opportunistic infections.
  5. Patients report noticeable increases in physical and mental wellbeing that enhance quality of life during treatment regimens.
  6. By increasing the amount of antioxidant enzymes in the body, ozone therapy can prevent or reduce the side effects of chemotherapy drugs such as doxorubicin.

Miskawaan Health can provide potent ozone treatment for cancer. Each session spans approximately 30 minutes, offering a holistic approach to enhancing your well-being. For optimal outcomes, we recommend embracing a series of at least two sessions. As you tread this transformative path, know that Miskawaan Health will guide you, and empower your healing journey.

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