A fully operational immune system emerges as a linchpin in overcoming cancer. Immune therapies focus on this very aspect, reinforcing the immune system’s prowess to counter cancer’s advance. This innovative approach targets tumor growth head-on and is an integral facet of comprehensive cancer care.

Immune therapies, often referred to as immunotherapies, hold the potential to combat a range of challenges — from common colds and flu to formidable foes like cancer. Functioning similarly to your body’s natural defense mechanism, white blood cells, these therapies transform into tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) to halt or even thwart tumor growth.


Dendritic Cell Therapy is cutting-edge personalised cancer therapy. Your blood, a reservoir of potential, is drawn, and your dendritic cells are nurtured in the lab to become potent cancer-fighting agents. Upon re-introduction into your bloodstream, they embody a turbocharged immune response, relentlessly combating the tumor’s progression. 

Benefit Highlights:

  • Targets cancerous cells
  • Enhances immune function
  • Counters treatment resistance
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Natural Killer (NK) cells, a stalwart in our immune arsenal, take center stage in immunotherapy. Activating these cells unlocks their formidable anti-tumor abilities, capable of eliminating a wide range of cancer cell types. By galvanizing the immune response against tumors, NK cells wield a vital role in controlling tumor growth and metastasis.

Benefit Highlights:

  • Eliminates abnormal or stressed cells
  • Ignites immune response to tumors
  • Manages tumor growth and spread.
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Certain cancers thrive on the body’s hormones to flourish and spread. Dubbed hormone-dependent cancers, they prompt the need for hormone therapy. This approach curtails the presence of problematic hormones in cancer patients, curtailing their ability to fuel cancer cells’ growth and division.

Benefit Highlights:

  • Slows or halts cancer growth
  • Eases prostate cancer symptoms
  • Demonstrates efficacy in breast cancer
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A Revitalizing metabolic approach

Cell metabolic therapy, also referred to as metabolic treatment, plays a pivotal role in curbing tumors’ resistance to therapies and impeding the unchecked proliferation of cancer cells. This encompassing approach includes techniques such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, alkalizing therapy, adopting a ketogenic diet, and incorporating agents like dichloroacetic acid and sodium selenite.

Here’s how it operates:

  • Metabolic treatment effectively interferes with the development and growth of cancer cells.
  • It notably decreases persistent inflammation and pain.
  • Furthermore, it acts as a barrier, halting the spread of cancerous cells.
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In the journey to conquer cancer, a multi-faceted personalised approach emerges as optimal. Our ultra-personalized immunotherapy will cater to your unique needs — whether as a precursor to conventional treatments, an adjunctive therapy or as a rejuvenating aftercare. With a focus on holistic well-being and integration, we stand alongside you, equipping you with effective tools to face cancer head-on.

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