Personalized Gene Expression Testing for Smarter Cancer Treatment

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Fight Your Cancer with Personalized Intelligent Gene Expression Insights!

Are you or a loved one battling cancer and seeking more effective treatment options? Our Metavectum Gene Expression Testing offers a revolutionary approach to understanding your cancer at the molecular level, providing crucial insights to help you make informed treatment decisions. Read on to discover the power of personalized gene expression testing and how it has changed the way we help you fight cancer.

What is Metavectum Gene Expression Testing?

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At Miskawaan Integrative Cancer Care (MICC), we believe that every cancer patient is unique and so require treatments that are precise, personalized, effective and have low toxicity.

Metavectum Profiling systems analyzes the specific genetic signals from circulating tumor cells (CTC) shredding from your tumor into your blood. This cancer-specific analysis helps our medical team determine which therapies are most likely to work on your specific cancer, providing a path forward to tailor your treatment plan for optimal results. This level of customization of our treatment plans is ground-breaking and unique in cancer treatment and something that allows MICC to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Types of Tests: Metavectum Prevent and Metavectum Complete

Metavectum offers two comprehensive gene expression tests:

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1. Metavectum Prevent: This detects hidden, unknown cancer activity in your body before traditional imaging methods can. This requires a simple blood draw, performed by any medical professional, and analyzes circulating tumor cells (CTCs) with high specificity and accuracy.

2. Metavectum Complete:

  • Provides insights into which approved drugs have a high chance of efficacy based on thousands of studies.
  • Presents personalized treatment options in an elaborate report, including pharmaceuticals, repurposing drugs, and complementary agents.
  • Also requires a straightforward blood draw.
  • Utilizes a high-tech process to separate CTCs from blood and extract mRNA.
  • Measures gene expression activity levels with real-time PCR.

Key Benefits of Miskawaan’s Metavectum Gene Expression Testing

  • Precision Treatment: Tailors your treatment plan to your unique genetic profile, ensuring a more targeted approach.
  • Early Detection: Metavectum Prevent can detect hidden cancer activity before it’s visible on scans, increasing your chances of early intervention.
  • Comprehensive Insights: Metavectum Complete offers a detailed understanding of your tumor’s aggressiveness, immune manipulation, drug resistance, signaling activity, and more.
  • Minimized Side Effects: Targeted therapies aim to have minimal negative effects on normal cells, improving your quality of life during treatment.
  • Regular Monitoring: Track your response to therapy with regular evaluations based on molecular changes, ensuring your treatment remains effective.

What Sets Metavectum Apart?

Unlike conventional cancer testing, Metavectum Gene Expression Testing goes beyond genetic mutation testing. It provides analog levels of over 90 channels of cancer activity, offering a more comprehensive view of your cancer’s behavior. This information is used by our Medical team to create an actionable precision plan for your treatment, maximizing your chances of success and health.

Act Now for a Healthier Tomorrow

Don’t wait for cancer to dictate your life and health. Take control of your treatment journey with Miskawaan Integrated Cancer Care and the Metavectum Gene Expression Testing.

Contact us today to schedule your test and gain the insights you need to fight cancer smarter, one gene at a time.

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You can book a personal consultation with our specialists who will provide you with a tailored approach based on your unique needs.

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Email: [email protected]
Phone: +662 086 8888

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