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Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer typically begins in the inner lining of the bladder and has the potential to spread to its other layers. The most significant risk factor for developing bladder cancer is smoking, followed by exposure to certain chemicals and chronic bladder infections. Key symptoms to watch for include blood in the urine, frequent urination, and pelvic pain, which are especially concerning for individuals with these risk factors and should prompt medical consultation.

The onset of bladder cancer is often associated with changes in the DNA of bladder cells, which can be triggered by carcinogens found in tobacco smoke and industrial chemicals. Unlike some other cancers, regular screening for bladder cancer isn’t typically practiced, making it important to be aware of symptoms such as changes in urine color, persistent urgency to urinate, and pelvic discomfort. Other risk factors include chronic bladder inflammation and certain genetic mutations, highlighting the need for increased vigilance among individuals with these conditions. 

Our Patient-Centric Approach

With a focus on individualized bladder cancer treatment in Thailand, Miskawaan Integrative Cancer Care’s approach is deeply rooted in the knowledge that each patient’s experience with cancer is singular. Our experts devise customized care regimens that holistically address your health needs and objectives.

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Bladder cancer was the tenth most prevalent cancer globally in 2020, with 1.7 million people living with the disease. Men are particularly at higher risk, accounting for about 76% of new cases.
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The people at Miskawaan are so warm and made us feel so safe and at peace. They made sure my questions were answered and that I understood my treatment plan. It is a whole-person approach to cancer treatment.

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