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Your Miskawaan Integrative Cancer Care Experience

While every patient's experience is unique, this overview provides a common framework for the steps involved in receiving treatment at Miskawaan Integrative Cancer Care, our leading cancer treatment center in Thailand.

Patient Journey

Preparing for Your Consultation

You are embarking on a new chapter in your life’s journey, and we are here to support you every step of the way. To prepare for your initial consultation, you will be asked to submit your medical records and complete a health assessment form. This information will help our medical team understand your needs and current health status and develop a personalized treatment plan.

preparing for your consultation Miskawaan Health Group | MICC
Initial Consultation
During your initial consultation, you will meet with both a functional medicine doctor and a conventional oncologist. This collaborative approach ensures that you receive the most comprehensive and informed care possible. You will have the opportunity to discuss your treatment options, prognosis, and any questions you may have.
initial consultation Miskawaan Health Group | MICC
Pre-Arrival Planning

Once your treatment dates are scheduled, our team can assist with planning your trip and arrangements. We can also provide assistance with obtaining a medical visa, if needed. In addition, we will discuss financial support options to help you manage the costs of treatment.

pre arrival planning Miskawaan Health Group | MICC
Your Treatment

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of care and support throughout your journey. 

Our medical team will be there to guide you every step of the way, from answering your questions to managing your symptoms and any side effects. We will also coordinate any necessary additional testing, investigations or treatments with our partner hospital as required.

In addition to our medical team, our medical coordinator will be there to offer support and ensure that all your needs are met. Our goal is to create a warm and welcoming environment where you feel safe, supported, and understood, and where there is always someone available to help answer any questions you might have

your treatment Miskawaan Health Group | MICC
Post-Treatment Care

Your recovery is just as important to us as your treatment. That’s why we offer a comprehensive post-treatment care plan that includes regular follow-up appointments, medical assessments, and tailored recommendations.

post treatment care Miskawaan Health Group | MICC

Frequently Asked Questions 

Miskawaan Integrative Cancer Care is a part of the Miskawaan Health Group, a global company dedicated to advancing and practicing integrative and functional medicine. 

Miskawaan Integrative Cancer Care takes the principles and practices of Miskawaan Health Group and applies them in new and innovative ways to treat cancer. The foremost example of this is our approach to holistic, whole-body healing, which includes targeted cancer treatments to attack your tumors plus supplemental therapies that get you back to feeling healthy.

We offer a comprehensive range of primary and specialized services, designed to address all aspects of your health and well-being, including:

  • Tailored personalised nutritional programs including natural supplements, infusions, and injections for optimized health addressing immune balancing, gut health, inflammation reduction, improved mitochondrial functioning and much more.
  • Hormone therapy tailored to your specific needs.
  • Rejuvenation Therapy to promote overall vitality.
  • Long-term diet and supplement guidance for sustained recovery and well-being.
  • Post-disease recovery support to aid your healing journey.
  • Lifestyle counseling to minimize the impact of environmental toxins, stress, and other external influences on your health.
  • For detailed information about these treatments and their associated costs, please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to provide you with personalized guidance and support to help you achieve your health goals.

As treatments are of a personalized nature, prices do vary, however, we always present the cost plan prior to starting treatment.

Yes, we have some fixed standard treatments and machine tests that can be selected. However, majority of treatments must be prescribed by our doctors for optimal results. Our standard treatments and diagnostic tests are available for a fee.

To make an appointment for any of our comprehensive diagnostics or for a private consultation with our doctors, please fill in the form towards the end of this page or contact us directly at [email protected].

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