Physiokey – It’s Not Voodoo, It’s Neuroscience

PhysioKey - It's not magic, it's neuroscience.

Some say it is magic, but it's just neuroscience enhanced with German Technology.

The physiokey is a remarkable device that can treat a raft of ailments. Simply, physiokey uses bio-adaptive impulse technology stimulates sensory nerves to induce a release of the body’s own powerful pain relief and recovery mechanisms. In short, if you have an injury that has not responded to other treatment methods, the physiokey is something that you need to try. It helps to reset and speed up the body's repair mechanisms. It can be used to treat chronic and acute injuries, stimulate the immune system, relax the nervous system, and can also help improve your neurological response to other therapies.


At MHG we are always looking for innovations in healthcare so we can offer our clients the best in treatment technologies and methodologies. This past week, Miskawaan Health Group welcomed Chris Mortensen as our "in-house" physiokey trainer and mentor.

Chris is from Sydney, Australia and has been treating and training people in how to use this technology for 18 years. Chris spent over three days with our doctors and nurses to help them understand how to use the physiokey to enhance our therapies effectiveness, and how to treat both acute and chronic pain and injuries.

Whilst training our doctors and nurses, Chris said, "In over twenty years of treating people with injuries of all sorts, physiokey is by far the most effective therapeutic tool I have come across”. Chris regularly treats everyday folks, as well as doctors and sports stars in his clinical practice

This training will help us offer improved repair and rehabilitation for all sorts of physical injuries, as well as enhancing our infusion treatments and our client's lives. We will be offering this to clients who will benefit from it, and as a stand alone treatment if requested.

At MHG, we focus on treating the cause and not the symptoms, so you might find you have an aching hip or shoulder, but the issue might be due to a problem elsewhere; the cause won't match the symptoms. Diagnosis by physiokey will find the cause and deliver treatment to the site. It won't fix you entirely in one session, but my experience is it certainly feels better.

And if you think you have something that can't be treated, it's better to ask. To my surprise, Chris has treated endometriosis in the past using physiokey, so it isn't just limited to sports injuries.

For more information on physiokey or our other treatments, call us today to ask us about what the physiokey can do to help improve any aches and pains you may be experiencing.

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