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Breast Cancer
I can’t say enough about the amazing team of nurses and doctors who cared for me during that time. The nurses and clinicians were so helpful and caring during my time as an patient.

Asia – Breast Cancer
Breast cancer
The care I received at Miskawaan still amazes me. I felt genuine concern and empathy. If I was having a meltdown moment, someone was there to hand me a tissue. No one made me feel silly about the questions I had, and my questions were answered. At Miskawaan, I felt like my doctor cared, and that he takes the time to care. I don’t see him or the members of my care team checking their watches during an appointment with me. That alone is extraordinary to me.

Europe – Breast Cancer
Prostate cancer
My experience with prostate cancer and with Miskawaan changed me. I believe in the power of not giving up, and I believe that Miskawaan has the kind of care many of us are looking for. No matter what roadblock we encountered along the way, I feel Miskawaan was there to help us through.

Europe – Prostate Cancer
Lung Cancer
Just walking into the center, I got such a positive first impression. I got a sense of hope as soon as I walked through the doors. I felt nervous excitement radiate through me. And later on, when I talked to other patients, they experienced the same feeling and sensation. Everybody’s friendly, they greet you warmly, and you just feel secure. I felt like I was in the right place for me. I just had this feeling that good things were going to happen.

Asia – Lung Cancer
Bladder Cancer
The people at Miskawaan are so warm and made us feel so safe and at peace. There is simply a wonderful atmosphere of togetherness. I was amazed by the teamwork and communication between all my doctors and clinicians. They made sure my questions were answered and that I understood my treatment plan. It is a whole-person approach to cancer treatment.

Europe – Bladder Cancer
Prostate Cancer
The connections I made at MHG have been one of the most valuable aspects of my journey with cancer. These relationships give hope and encouragement, and they provide spiritual support. Through the people I met at MHG and my experience there, I felt like I was part of something bigger than myself.

Asia – Prostate cancer
There is so much more to the experience of Miskawaan than just the treatment. Some people have asked me why I travel for treatment, why I don’t just go somewhere local. Doesn’t it make life complicated? No, it doesn’t. Miskawaan takes the worry away. Scheduling, appointments, all of these details are taken care of. My response when people ask me about the inconvenience of traveling for treatment is that all I need to do is get there and get myself home. Miskawaan takes care of everything else.

Europe – Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Ovarian Cancer
While this time was difficult, the doctors, clinicians and staff at MHG made the experience interactive. They spoke to me with empathy, cared for my mom and sister, who stayed with me, and made allowances for family members to be involved in my care through the patient portal. The care I received at MHG was amazing.

Asia – Ovarian cancer
A surprisingly relaxing treatment, unlike a normal visit to the doctor, carried out in a private room that felt like home. An exclusive service and treatment that had immediate benefits; increased energy level and hence concentration and focus.

Patrick – 54, Hong Kong
The experience with miskawaan health group is incredible. I am feeling amazing after the infusions and I am already seeing the positive changes after taking the personalized supplements. Thank you for bringing back a better me!

Jennifer – 39, Hong Kong