Stabilising Immunity – What Is the Immune System?


Stabilising Immunity – What Is the Immune System?

Optimizing health has become a priority for most people nowadays.

In a post-COVID-19 world, people would not think of leaving the house without a face mask. Today, spending a few hours, or a night with friends catching up, could put your health at risk. In this new world, we must rethink our lifestyle, and our hygiene to maintain our health.

Quick Statistic:

According to World Health Organisation, the mortality rates of COVID-19 have shown a rise of 8% between the age group of 70 – 79 years and with an increase of 15% in those aged 80 and above.

Source: https://perspectives.eiu.com/healthcare/covid-19-greatest-burden-will-fall-older-people-low-and-middle-income-countries

What is the immune system?

When it comes to personal health and prevention, the immune system is now "top-of-mind." But what is the immune system?

The immune system comprises of two subsystems:

  • The Innate Immune System, and
  • The Adaptive Immune System.

Both systems work closely together to trigger immune responses when the body is fighting against pathogens, including harmful bacteria and viruses.

The Innate Immune System is a non-specific system which fights off pathogens coming through the skin or the digestive system.

The Adaptive Immune System responds to specific types of antigens from certain pathogens by producing the appropriate antibodies to combat the infection.

In short, science tells us that our primary guardian of health is a healthy immune system. A healthy immune system is a stable, robust and well-balanced system. The state of the immune system will determine how easy we fall sick, how severe the symptoms are, and how fast we can recover from an infection or a disease.

What does it do?

Weak immunity makes us more susceptible to infections and diseases. So, how can we enhance our protection and overall health?

Basic measures such as exercising, and consuming nutritious food does help enormously. However, if you are the type of person who wants to optimize your immune system and health, the kind of person whose health is vital to them, then you need a personalized health plan.

Wish us, your health plan will include regular scheduled health maintenance treatments and therapies tailored to your individual health needs - as everyone is different. It will consist of screening for diseases, personalized diet plans, and lifestyle advice.

This is the type of medical health services that are offered at Miskawaan Health Group (MHG), and is why we are your key to optimal health.

How Can MHG help?

MHG is at the forefront of functional medicine in Hong Kong and Asia. Our medical experts recognise the complexity of the human body as one biological system and take a patient-centric approach to treatment, focusing on bringing you to optimal health.

To support our clients in building a stable and balanced immune system, our medical team has developed a set of essential immune treatment protocols. These use a combination of MHG's proprietary infusions and natural oral supplements, giving your body the right substances and fortifying your immune system, helping add protection from bacteria and viruses.

For further information, you may visit our website, miskawaanhealth.com, or talk to one of our staff via email [email protected].

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