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Infrared Sauna

Infrared sauna therapy

The hardest thing about fighting cancer is that the most commonly recommended treatments weaken the body. In some cases, these therapies can actually help cancer grow. Integrative medicine incorporates detoxification protocols such as infrared sauna therapy to boost the immune system and generate better treatment results.

What Is Infrared Sauna Therapy?​

Commercial and non-clinical saunas let people detoxify themselves by sweating harmful substances out of their bodies in a relaxing environment. These environments use ambient heat and steam to increase body temperature.

Traditional saunas may be too hot or cause difficulty breathing, which is why an infrared sauna is better for detoxifying patients in the midst of other treatments. Infrared sauna therapy is gentler and safer than its traditional counterparts.

Infrared saunas achieve the same results while mitigating risks of overheating, such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion. This allows patients to enjoy the detoxifying process for much longer than regular steam sauna therapies.

How Do Infrared Sauna Therapies Work?

Infrared sauna

With this treatment, infrared rays penetrate the body and gently raise its temperature. The primary goal of this procedure is to expel unwanted toxins via sweat glands. Heat jump starts the circulatory and lymphatic systems, which then filter out harmful substances from a patient’s blood and reduce the stress on the kidneys and liver.

Could Mild Exercise Provide the Same Benefits to Cancer Patients?

Although doctors may recommend that cancer patients exercise to promote sweating and overall fitness, strenuous activities are not possible for many patients. This is especially true during chemotherapy and soon after surgery. Infrared sauna therapy is a safe alternative for those who need to detoxify their body without overexerting their heart or muscles.

Other Amazing Benefits of Miskawaan Infrared Sauna Therapy

Improved Cardiovascular Fitness

Sedentary lifestyles lead to the dilation of blood vessels that causes blood pressure to drop. Infrared sauna therapy counters this by triggering the body’s natural cooling response. That is, when the body’s internal temperature rises, the heart pumps faster to have the blood carry heat away from the center and onto the periphery, namely the skin, where the heat will then be dissipated.

Oxygenation of the Blood

When the heart rate rises, blood reaches the lungs faster, improving blood oxygenation. Studies have shown that increased oxygenation can kill malignant cancer cells in large enough doses. Ozone therapy also focuses on oxygenating blood and is often combined with infrared sauna therapy in Miskawaan cancer treatment plans.

Strengthened Immune System

Infrared therapy has been proven to stimulate the production of white blood cells and antioxidants. The treatment triggers an immune response that responds to non-cancerous issues such as viruses and bacteria. Leaving these medical untreated can make it harder to recover from arduous cancer treatments.

Weight Loss and Improved Skin

As the heart works harder to cool the body down during a sauna session, it burns calories. This is a key component of weight management programs. And as an added bonus, heat from the therapy also breaks down cellulite.

Infrared sauna has a surprising number of benefits for skincare. Increased circulation and sweating pushes out grime and other substances that block the skin’s pores. Sweating also sloughs off old and dead skin cells and releases acid wastes that cause and exacerbate psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

Sustained epidermal detoxification cleanses and refreshes the skin, enhancing its elasticity and tone, and eventually brings about a noticeably healthier glow.

Pain Relief

When the body is in distress the central nervous system activates feelings of pain general discomfort. It’s the body’s way of highlighting a problem so that it can be prioritized. This results in bodily functions — such as digestion, immune response, and eliminative processes — being inhibited (to divert their resources to the problem being prioritized. Essentially, sustained pain can lead to:

  • Less nutrients reaching tissues
  • Blood being drawn in to the center of the body to reduce the blood’s exposure to attack
  • Acid accumulating in the body (and cancer thrives in acidic environments)

This often happens with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Infrared therapy helps patients overcome the pain response state by removing toxins that irritate tissues and result in discomfort.

The cooling response the therapy induces also reverses the nervous system’s action to draw blood toward the center of the body. As detoxification reduces the stress on the body, the body becomes less acidic, mitigating the formation, spread, or recursion of cancer.

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